Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is second hight management body

Executive Committee of ASEAB

In addition to the board’s officers, the executive committee includes committee chairs and the organization’s chief executive officer. The executive committee, even considering its membership, still answers to the entire governing body and is bound by the board’s voting power and the provisions of its organizing documents. Some nonprofit boards give executive committees broad powers to act on behalf of the board between meetings and when addressing urgent situations. Executive committees directly supervise the organization’s CEO, including compensation decisions and performance evaluation.

Executive Committee Members

Our Honorable Executive Committee Member List is Provided Bellow

Mahfuja Khanam


Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman Bhuiyan


Md. Mozaffar Hossain


Dr. Umaimaa Chowdhury Bonna


Qumrun Nahar Parveen


Edwin Ronjan Hira